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Greenlight Insurance becomes main sponsor for DATC 2014


We are proud to announce greenlight insurance as our main sponsors for 2014.


Modified Car Insurance for modified cars. All road legal modifications can be covered.
Greenlight Insurance news articles relating to modified car insurance, classic car insurance, kit car insurance, camper van insurance and more
Performance and Modified Car Insurance Specialist since 1996
Volkswagen (VW) Transporter Insurance for modified VW Transporters and camper/day vans.
Classic Car Insurance for all genuine classic cars and some modified classic cars
This cover is not available on all our products so be sure to mention your interest to us.

Greenlight Insurance is a specialist vehicle Insurance provider, we were established in 1996 with a view to offering superior cover, service and technical knowledge to the performance, cherished and modified car owner.

Unlike most other Insurers, our staff are comprised of vehicle enthusiasts, who are also Insurance professionals and we rate upon factors that most Underwriters do not even consider. In our experience, owners of vehicles that people aspire to own do demonstrate a care in their vehicle beyond that of the normal run around or A-to-B vehicle and our premiums are gauged to reflect this. Tony Fehily, Managing Director Greenlight Insurance Services Limited Click on image to view main sponsors website or use this link here: http://www.greenlightinsurance.co.uk/ The range of scheme and open market Insurers that we have access to includes the following:
  • AXA Insurance
  • Broker Direct
  • Chaucer Insurance
  • Equity Insurance
  • Highway Insurance
  • Groupama
  • KGM Insurance
  • Liverpool Victoria
  • Markerstudy Insurance
  • Midas
  • Sabre Insurance
  • Zenith Insurance
  • Zurich Insurance

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